born 25 november 1970 in sofia, Christo Dagorov immigrated in 1977 with his parents and his older brother to switzerland.



having realized already in school that he would go on to become a painter and a graphic artist, Christo moved into his first studio in 1989.



he spent his first years by making hyperrealistic paintings of delapidated machines while applying different techniques (oil, water colour, acrylic etc.). his technique of working with acrylic paint was a very radical version of pointilism, using just 5 colours – cadmium yellow, cadmium orange bright, cadmium red, cerulean blue and paris blue (instead of black) – and zinc white (for lightening the cerulean blue only) without mixing them (see „old cat“).


pretty soon Christo was tired of pure hyperrealism and started to merge and overlay different objects creating intricate images with a mesmerising effect on the viewers.



being aware that the technique follows the idea, he developed new techniques, like his method to hand engrave chromium-nickel steel plates with tools for dentists to reach a sculptural level of depth and to transform image (see work in progress „reflections 05.17 – wanted“).



Christo is best known for his lips series, which come to life with his mature style that turns complexity into organic growth.


he neither sees himself as hyperrealist, surrealist nor part of another common artistic direction; Christo Dagorov prefers to be aware and human.