Christo Dagorov does not consider himself as a hyperrealist/surrealist or as part of any other conventional genre. Indeed, his production is hard to classify. His mature style might best be seen in his signature “Lips” series. Here, a focused exploration of visual complexity and organic form achieves a universal dimension via the specific.



Christo Dagorov was born 25 November 1970 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He immigrated to Switzerland in 1977, where he set-up his first studio. Here, he started producing hyperrealistic paintings of dilapidated machines, and experimenting with mixed-media techniques. Finally, the artist developed a version of pointillism using five colors: cadmium yellow, cadmium orange, cadmium red, cerulean blue, paris blue (in lieu of black), and zinc white (for lightening the cerulean blue) – see „old cat“).



Christo Dagorov, tired of pure hyperrealism, started to merge and overlay objects on the surface of his work. These images, and mesmerizing visual effects insinuated horror-vacui. Aware of the potential of the new techniques he was working with, Dagorov created a new style involving the experimental aspects of his practice (for example, his method of hand-engraving chromium nickel steel plates with dentists’ tools). He continued to experiment, and Dagorov realized that the professional exploration of his vision was his life’s work.



Christo Dagorov does not identify himself with a codified artistic movement. His singular imagination is focused on a productive plan. The evidence is fecund, and indicates a way forward.